Summer 2019 Lunch Options

--Lunch program is $25/week and gives you a much needed break from making lunches for your kids. Let our certified food handler prepare lunches for you this summer.
--To add lunch program, just check the box next to the week you choose during registration

Each day will be one of these options: (not necessarily in this order)
Menu Day 1: Wraps (filling choices: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers) with fruit and sides
Menu Day 2: Bagels (with cream cheese or jam) with ruffles, cucumbers and fruit on the side
Menu Day 3: Campfire food (hot dogs) with home made fries or chips with veggies and smores
Menu Day 4: Garlic Sausage with cheese, crackers, cucumbers and fruit
Menu Day 5: Smoked ham with giant muffins and Yoghurt

A menu day may be swapped out for certain reasons. Alternative menu options are as follows...
Alternative Item 1: Sandwiches with chips and veggies
Alternative Item 2: Taco Salad (for indoor rainy days)

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